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Creating a Mobile First Org @ dubizzle

A mobile-first organization starts with the mobile user first. It's a change in thinking where the mobile experience is priority #1. And it's not just a responsive website. A mobile-first organization is one that's been organized and designed around mobile from the ground up. It's an approach that's driven by mobile data and insights, with a product roadmap that's focused on delivering value to the mobile user. The goal of a mobile-first organization is to empower people to do their best work, regardless of location or device. To do this, we need to adopt a new way of working - organized around squads that are empowered to make decisions and move quickly. This "spotify model" of working helps us to focus on the product and deliver value to the user, faster. It's an exciting time to be part of a mobile-first organization. We're setting the standard for how organizations should be organized and operate in a mobile-first world. We're leading the way in modern native mobile engineering practices, and we're just getting started.

The tribal model of Spotify contains cross-functional squads of 4-7 people including mobile engineers, a product manager, a designer, as well as other roles.

At dubizzle, we have implemented the Spotify model in order to create a mobile-first organization. This model is based on the principle of empowering small, autonomous teams (squads) to work together on a product. Each squad has the freedom to experiment and innovate, without being hindered by bureaucracy. As a result, we are able to rapidly develop mobile products that our customers love. In addition, by using modern native mobile engineering practices, we are able to deliver these products with a high level of quality and reliability. As a result, we are able to create significant value for our shareholders.

Here's the deck we had from when we first launched our app for anyone interesting in native mobile engineering!

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