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Creating a Product Led Org @ eat app

At eat app, the Vision is to become "The best guest experience platform in the world".

That means we are constantly strategic in our thinking and actions in order to continue growing and being successful. We work as a team, with everyone focused on achieving our bottom-up goals. This helps to ensure that we are always moving forward and making progress.

I work with eat app as the Product Director to make sure that the company takes a strong Product led approach in their organizational structure and strategy, vision and work in progress.

Being Product Led doesn't mean throwing a sales led approach out the window but instead, is about embracing a balance between product led and sales led. Remember that, Product led succeeds for smaller businesses who do not have red tape on procurement where as medium and large businesses tend to have red tape. This means that a product led approach works really well to create network effects and scale across

It's also really important to make sure your product and engineering team gel well with your sales team and nurture product led sales so that your customers are not buying a sales pitch but are instead, buying your product because of the value it can bring their business.

It's not just product led growth and sales led growth you need to think about when scaling your business. You also need to consider how your marketing chapter change their growth motion, focusing more on value and education of your product to capture demand.

Additionally, our strategic approach has allowed us to continue scaling revenue effectively. We have been able to attract and retain top talent, and our team is always expanding. We are constantly innovating our product offering to challenge the status quo of product market fit.

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