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E1 - Experimental Side-scrolling shooter.

I specialise in:

– Native Mobile Utility App Development

– Cross Platform Mobile and Chrome Game Development.

– Processing, iOS and Android Tutoring.

– Fast prototyping

– Concept Design.

– Java, C#, Javascript, Objective C, C++.


Quick Bio

I have been brought up in a family of creative designers and musicians and have specialised in a more technical field of creativity.

My expertise is in creative ideas both on the web, on paper and in the software and scripts I create. 

In 2009 I enrolled at Goldsmiths University Studying Creative Computing. My involvement in this course is shown well through my work. I have a hands-on approach to all my work and look for the most viable solution to each project I take on.

In 2009-2010 I took on several Android projects which included utility apps and games.

This year I am working on various Android and iOS projects to be published to the market as-well as a couple of interesting games recently released to the android and iOS market.